Is Your Bank Loaded?

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What Your Bank Can Do

We know that banks and their leaders are disgusted by the high number of gun deaths devastating their customers and the communities they serve. But financial institutions are in the unique position of providing financial services to the firearm industry and can use that as leverage to change its dangerous behavior.

We are urging banks to take the following additional steps in order to improve their existing scores:

  1. Stop doing business with any gun or ammunition manufacturers until the products they produce are regulated for safety by the government.
  2. Pledge to invest a portion of your profits from any past business with gun manufacturers into gun buyback programs or survivor funds in the communities you serve.
  3. Require all retailers to transmit details of gun sales and flag suspicious purchases of firearms, particularly if they come from “bad apple” gun dealers. Pledge to release data on this activity quarterly.
  4. Pledge to end all political donations to NRA-backed and endorsed state or federal lawmakers or political candidates.
  5. Pledge to meet with gun violence prevention groups at least 4 times a year and work to reduce gun deaths in your community.